What Does The Central Committee Do For Ravalli County?

The Central Committee Of Ravalli County is comprised of local citizens that volunteer their time and money in order to find good Republicans to represent the citizens living here in our beautiful valley. The goal is then to help get these good Republicans get elected to represent our citizens by way of  precinct captain seats and at the legislature level in Helena.

If you are already a member of the Central Committee, we thank you. If you are not currently a Central Committee member and would like to serve the party in this capacity, please contact us today.

The basic unit of our political system is the precinct. It is at the precinct level that elections are won or lost. The key person in the party organization representing the precinct is the Central Committee Member.

What does it mean to be a Central Committee Member?


    Duties & Responsibilities

The following is a list of duties and responsibilities for every precinct committee member.

Should you be interested please e-mail us your address.


   Representing the Precinct For the Party


  • Follow the Montana Republican Platform and Montana Constitution ALWAYS!

  • Attend meetings of the Republican Central Committee to assist in organizing and supervising the County Republican Party operations and to endorse candidates (3 or 4 a year).

  • Vote in the election of local Republican Ward Leaders.

  • Participate in local and county meetings and events, including Republican city and ward club meetings.


             Activities in the Precinct

  • Name 1 or 2 Assistant Central Committee Members to participate and assist in your efforts. Advise the Central Committee Board Members and Republican Headquarters of their names, addresses, etc.

  • Recruit at least two Republican booth workers to work in the voting booth on Election Day. These people are paid by the Board of Elections and assist the Board in ensuring an efficient and fair election.

  • Register new people in your precinct to vote: Move-ins or people who reach voting age.

  • Recruit volunteers to distribute literature for candidates in your area.

  • Recruit volunteers to work the polls on Election Day.

  • Promote Republican Candidates to neighbors.

  • Maximize the Republican vote in your precinct.

  • To this end, Party Headquarters or their Leaders can provide a “Poll Book” (also known as a “Walk List”) that has the name, address and vote history for every voter in a precinct. Poll Books can be obtained in paper form or on digital media.

  • As a Central Committee Member in your precinct, you are a leader in your neighborhood for our party in your community. You will find that candidates and public officials of both parties will be interested in your ideas as to what needs to be done in your community.

  • Depending on need, you should become active in the local block/street club, neighborhood development association, the local Republican Club, or with your local government.